Notice of Annual General Meeting and Explanatory Notes

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Linlithgow Kayak Racing at Low Port Centre, Linlithgow on Tuesday, 25 February at 18:45 for 19:00 start for the following purposes:

  • Receive the Chairman’s report for the 2019 season.
  • Receive statement of accounts
  • Election or re-election of Office Bearers
  • To approve the Revised Fee Structure & Fees for 2020
  • To Approve the Revised Constitution for Linlithgow Kayak Racing
  • Update on the options for LKR Club Premises
  • Date of next AGM
  • AOCB

Please note: 

  • Voting at the club AGM is for members only.
  • There will be no proxy voting, members who wish to vote on club business need to attend the AGM.
  • For Junior members, a parent or guardian can exercise their vote.
  • Voting cards will be distributed on the way in the door on the night.
  • Parents, guardians or other non member family members are off course welcome, but will not be able to vote on AGM business.


Explanatory Notes to the 2020 Notice of Annual General Meeting

3              Election or re-election of Office Bearers

  • Chairman – currently Derek Marshall, stepping down – Gilbert Speirs has been nominated
  • Secretary – currently Patrick Armstrong, stepping down – Neil Fraser has been nominated
  • Treasurer / Membership Secretary – currently Dave Fisher, willing to continue
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Officer – currently Jacqui Brockway, willing to continue
  • Head Coach / Coach Co-ordinator – currently John Lewis, stepping down – Vacant
  • Website Editor – currently Derek Marshall, looking to pass this on.
  • Committee Member without portfolio #1 – Derek Marshall
  • Committee Member without portfolio #2
  • Further nominations will be taken in the run up to the AGM and at the meeting if required.

4              Revised Fee Structure & Fees for 2020

  • Your committee is aware that the existing fee structure has evolved over many years in an attempt, to maintain fairness, but as a result it has become very labour intensive to operate for both the club and the members.
  • See attached document for further details of the proposed Fee Structure and the Fees for 2020.

5              Revised Constitution for Linlithgow Kayak Racing

  • The existing constitution has remained the same for over 10 years and needs to be updated to bring it in line with current practice and to widen the remit of Club’s Objectives.
  • See attached documents, Existing & Proposed for further details.

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On behalf of the Secretary

Derek Marshall
Linlithgow Kayak Racing