Update from the LKR about paddling in Scotland – 11th May 2020

25th March –  restrictions began.

12th April – Scottish Paddlers were strongly recommended to cease all paddlesport activity on Scottish waters.

10th May  – we learned that it appears that from 13th May, people who live in England may be able to resume paddlesport activity in England.

11th May – SCA published guidance confirms that the situation remains unchanged for paddlesport in Scotland.  We are to continue to “refrain from going paddling at this present time.”

Why? We are asked to support the efforts of the many who are dealing with the COVID-19 situation.  Our instruction remains  “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”.  We know of Scottish paddlers who have been stopped by the Police and given warning of a fine if they are seen again while the restrictions are in place. 

Even when the instruction does eventually change, travel restrictions appear likely to remain in place for longer, which means that not everyone will be able to travel to reach suitable water.  So, realistically, most of us will still be unable to paddle for quite a while yet.

Meantime stay safe by maintaining social distancing and good hygiene.  Keep on top of your general fitness. While we wait, our Committee thanks you all for your patience and for respecting the guidance.