Start of the return to Paddling for Exercise – Phase 1

Following the First Minister’s announcement earlier today (May 28th), the SCA have confirmed that we are now able to begin the resumption of paddling for exercise, in line with Phase 1 of “Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis” relating to COVID-19. Please take time to read the latest details from the SCA here.

What this means for you, our LKR members is:

  • From May 29th, paddling is now permitted as part of your daily exercise
  • Only paddle with people from your own household and/or one other household
  • Maintain 2m physical distancing at all times – there can be no wash hanging
  • There can be no crew boat paddling
  • Stay local to your home – travel is limited to “broadly 5 miles”
  • Follow public health guidelines for hygiene. Algae on te Union Canal is profuse at present, so wash everything carefully
  • Paddle within your personal capabilities – you must be capable of rescuing yourself without assistance, and with the present green algae, if you do fall in, keep your mouth closed
  • There will be no organised club activities or canoe lessons
  • If you don’t have your own equipment, and you want to borrow club equipment for the duration of Phase 1 (see details below), you can only do so if you have renewed your 2020 membership.

What LKR will do:

  • Encourage members to use their own equipment to paddle individually
  • The club boat locker will remain locked
  • From Friday 29th May, club members who do not have their own equipment may request to collect club kit from the locker on a one-off basis to allow them to restart paddling (including boat, paddle, buoyancy aid). Boats may only be borrowed if you have means to transport them safely (i.e. v bars on a car, within broadly 5 miles of Linlithgow, or walk a short distance to the water carrying your boat)
  • Where club kit is borrowed, you will be required to store it safely at your own premises for the duration of Phase 1

Following advice from the SCA, we have some good ideas for how we’ll manage our club paddling in the next phases (2-4), but we need more information from SCA/Government before the detail can be finalised. We’ll let you know here, as soon as more information is available to share. 

Although the club is still closed in Phase 1, your paddling will be highly visible within our communities. We thank you for continuing to represent LKR responsibly and we wish you a successful, careful and enjoyable return to the water.