Phase 3 Guidance – return to paddling

Following the First Minister’s statement on 9th July the SCA has produced guidance for Paddlesport in Phase 3. These changes are starting to be introduced from 10th July. In summary:

For our LKR members, this means that the boat locker at the canal basin will be accessible to members who are keyholders from 11th July. If you are a member and require regular access to borrow a boat, you can request to become a keyholder.

Please remember these important things:

  • socially distance (2 metres)
  • maximum group size is now 5 households and maximum of 15 people
  • clean and disinfect any boat you touch, and your own when finished (use the disinfectant spray/hand sanitiser provided in the boat locker and tell a committee member if it’s running low)
  • dispose of cleaning cloths/tissues safely in the bin bag provided inside the locker
  • clean contact points on exit (door catches and door handle) 
  • sanitise your hands immediately on leaving (we recommend that you also keep your own hand sanitiser in your kit bag/car)
  • shower as soon as you are home
  • and remember….there is no toilet available – the nearest public toilet is at Tesco

and remember to HAVE FUN!