Phase 3 Guidance – return to paddling

Following the First Minister update as part of the Phase 3 route map update, we note the change to group size taking effect from September 11th will not apply to ‘organised sport’.  Review the latest guidance here.

In summary:

For our LKR members, this means that the boat locker at the canal basin will be accessible to members who are keyholders. If you are a member and require regular access to borrow a boat, you can request to become a keyholder.

Please remember these important things:

  • maintain social distance of 2 metres on land
  • organised activity can take place in groups of up to 30 people, subject to controls
  • paddling can take place in groups of up to 6 people from a maximum of 2 households. Under 12s do not count towards this total providing they are from the two households.
  • clean and disinfect any boat you touch, and your own when finished (use the disinfectant spray/hand sanitiser provided in the boat locker and tell a committee member if it’s running low)
  • dispose of cleaning cloths/tissues safely in the bin bag provided inside the locker
  • clean contact points on exit (door catches and door handle) 
  • sanitise your hands immediately on leaving (we recommend that you also keep your own hand sanitiser in your kit bag/car)
  • shower as soon as you are home
  • and remember….there is no toilet available – the nearest public toilet is at Tesco

and remember to HAVE FUN, responsibly!