LKR currently has a number of boats for sale. Further information and photographs are available from Gilbert. Boats are priced to clear, as follows:
  • 2 of Tarka children’s boats (stability 9) for sale (one with no seat) – £150 and £120 respectively
  • 2 of Espada (Stability 6, 5.2m precursor to Lightning) for sale (both with no seats and one missing a rudder (£20 each)

In addition Gilbert has the following available for sale:

  • 3 of Espadas for sale (£35 each for two of them  —-  and buy three and get one free)
  • 1 of lowish volume understern 5.2m (model uncertain – could be a Cougar, but has a Marsport badge) – great condition. Stability reckoned to be around 3/4) White.  Only £200
  • 1 of understern stable racing boat (probably a Trimmer) – excellent condition, but heavy. Stability 8/9. White. Only £175
  • 1 of (another) understern stable racing boat (probably a Trimmer). Under refurbishment. Stability 8/9. White with blue seam. Only £250 (when finished).
  • 1 of understern Kirton Ranger – good condition. Stability 4. Blue. Only £150
  • 1 of understern Kirton Tiger – good condition. Stability 2. Orange. Only £200
  • 1 of understern Jaguar.  Moderate condition. Stability 5.  With portage handles. Yellow. Only £200
Basic pictures attached below. Individual details available