Achievements and Recognition in 2020

Previous circumstances would have seen us gather in the Autumn at a bowling alley for a social event, lots of pizza and a prize-giving ceremony to recognise paddlers achievements in the most recent racing season. As we all know, sadly there have been no formal events this year. However we have a number of nominations for members who the LKR Committee would like to commend:

Two paddlers who bring joy and inspiration to other paddlers when they are out on the water.  It’s great to see paddlers who clearly enjoy what they do; and to do it so well. Kristina Armstrong and Szymon Sroka inspire others with their infectious enthusiasm.  They ALWAYS seem to have a smile and words of encouragement for other LKR paddlers, of all ages and abilities. 

We have a commendation for a new paddler and a new LKR member, for his determination and courage at completing the 7km Winter Time Trial on Nov. 1 after only 3 sessions in a flat water boat (and many capsizes). What made the effort truly commendable was the strong gusting wind conditions which were tough for experienced paddlers.  The fact that he had only ever paddled a distance of 4km previously; and the fact that he did not capsize in the time trial deserves Andy McGowan a commendation. 

A junior paddler who started almost from scratch after lockdown and who made a habit in the early stages of inspecting the underside of his kayak on the canal has made very good progress. He is always there and is keen to compete.  We are pleased to commend paddler, Ruari Burnett
This quiet 8 year old started paddling mid way through September 2020 and is now able to stay with the bulk of the Lightning Group, having paddled throughout the summer. He is keen, listens and acts on instructions and has the best paddling technique in the Lightning Group. Please give your support to the commendable Marshall Davie

Having completed four out of the available five LKR time trials, the Lightning paddler with the greatest improvement in his time over those events, a whopping 7 minutes and 41 seconds of improvement, is Rory Tait

Having completed four out of the available 5 LKR time trials and proving that the Experimental Performance Coaching Scheme over this summer has been worthwhile, the junior paddler with the greatest improvement in his time is Corran Fraser
The senior women’s class greatest improvement commendation is won by Kristina Armstrong who entered more LKR time trial events than the other senior women competitors, and improved her time by a remarkable 1 minute and 40 seconds!
The senior men’s class – and again, surely proving the value of the summer coaching scheme, with a brilliant overall improvement of 3 minutes and 44 seconds and the greatest improvement of all of the 11 senior men in the series November 2019 until September 2020, please congratulate Josh Fisher