2020/21 Membership Fees and Charges

At the AGM on 25th February 2020, new fees and charges were unanimously supported and agreed. Our LKR membership year runs 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021, so everyone’s annual membership renewal is fast approaching. This is your reminder about the new membership fees and charges.

April is the month when we all renew our membership. Dave Fisher, LKR Membership Secretary, will email forms to you by 1st April. Once you return the completed forms and pay your fees by standing order, Dave will send you an email to confirm that your membership has been successfully renewed.

Fees 2020/21

  • Junior membership (under 18 at 1st January 2020)  – £16 per annum
  • Adult membership (18 and over at 1st January 2020)  – £26 per annum
  • Non paddling membership  – £6 per annum
  • New members joining after 31st October pay only 40% of the annual membership fee

Fee discounts 2020/21

Discounts are available and apply to both Junior and Adult membership fees, and are applied in the order of adult memberships first and then junior memberships within the family group..

Each member of the family pays the appropriate membership fee:

  • First family member pays 100% of their fee
  • Second family member pays 70% of their fee
  • Third family member pays 40% of their fee
  • Fourth and subsequent family members pay £20% of their fee

Charges 2020/21 (1,2,4 payable by standing order; 3,5,6 payable by bank transfer)

  1. Coaching (under 18 at 1st January 2020) – £24 per calendar month (NOTE: these coaching fees are deferred during the current COVID-19 club closure)
  2. Coaching (18 and over at 1st January 2020 ) – £15 per calendar month (NOTE: these coaching fees are deferred during the current COVID-19 club closure)
  3. Non-members, 2020 lightning lessons and 2020 adult lessons over the summer – charge £5 per session for up to two “taster” sessions
  4. LKR Performance Coaching Group (by coach recommendation) – an additional £19 per calendar month, for 5 months, commencing 1st April.  (this new arrangement provides special and intensive coaching for up to eight paddler places, and is now in operation).
  5. Boat storage access key (application approval by a sessional coach) – £10 returnable deposit
  6. Any member accompanying a non-member using a club boat – £10 charge per session

The document with the detail summarised above and approved in whole at the February 2020 AGM, was emailed to all members in advance of the AGM. Let us know if you’d like a copy.

Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) Fees 2020/21

Membership Type Fee (£)
Non-members day-rate £5 per race
Under 18s £19 annually
Over 18s £38 annually

Both sprint and marathon racing are governed by the SCA. Non-members can participate in SCA events by paying the day membership rate of £5. Day membership(s) can be redeemed against full individual membership for up to 12 months.

Membership prices listed above at correct at time of writing (March 2020). Family discounts are also available for family/joint memberships). More information is available at SCA website.

If you’ve other questions, speak to Dave, or Gilbert