Fees and charges

Trial sessions

New paddlers can come along to training for a 2 week trial period.  After the “taster” sessions, individuals or families are then expected to join the club.

Trial Fee Fee (£)
“Taster” session (for max 2 weeks) £5 per session

Annual Membership Fees -2019

Membership Type Annual Fee (£)
Junior £15
Senior £25
Family £30

Membership Monthly Fees – 2019

Training Fee Fee (£)
Junior Members £24 per month
Adult Members £60 per 10 Lessons

September is free for those Junior that have paid since April.

Boat Hire (per membership year)





No charge


Basic K1



High Spec K1 (allocated by committee)



Race Specific (such as 70WM)



Other (K2s etc at events and club nights)

No charge

No charge

* The lower rate applies to those who participated in 10 races in 2018

Boat hire and allocation of club boats and equipment remains at the discretion of the committee.

All club boats (except high spec K1s allocated to individual members) must be available for Monday to Thursday club nights, if they are not returned for club sessions, then a levy of £10 may, at the discretion of the committee, be charged for each session that the boat is not available to the club.

Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) Fees

Membership Type Fee (£)
Non-members day-rate £5 per race
Under 18s £19 annually
Over 18s £38 annually

Both sprint and marathon racing are governed by the SCA.

Non-members can participate in SCA events by paying the day membership rate of £5. Day membership(s) can be redeemed against full individual membership for up to 12 months.

Membership prices listed above at correct at time of writing (March 2019).  Family discounts are also available for family/joint memberships). More information is available at SCA website.