Saturday is Club Day

Saturday Club days are for everyone!

Saturday Club days are open to all club members, and we hope you will join us every week! We’ll determine the session structure and communicate via WhatsApp/Facebook to all those who confirm they are coming. There is a club session every Saturday, meeting at Workshop 5, Park Farm Storage (9.30am for 10am on water) – please register & book your boat here. These club sessions will run all year round (weather permitting and unless there is an organised race/event which we will communicate separately) – please check WhatsApp/Facebook for latest updates.

Our qualified coaches/paddlesport instructors will lead and coach the sessions. LKR is always welcomes volunteers to help, including bankside, for which no formal qualifications are required – just common sense and willingness help sign participants in and out, organise boats and paddles, and where necessary help manage access to the unit. Let any of the committee members know if you are able to help.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing many paddlers on the water at Club day on Saturday!