Catch It, Bin It, Kill It!

Updated September 11, 2020

Phase 3 of the Government’s Recovery Plan means that we CAN do things as a club – but we must be able to trust all club members to be responsible. The key changes effective from September 14th are:

  1. Paddling can take place in groups of up to 6 people from a maximum of 2 households. Under 12s do not count towards this total providing they are from the two households.
  2. Organised Activity can take place in groups of up to 30 people. Organised Activity is defined as: 
    • activities are undertaken in a structured and managed way, AND
    • activities follow SCA guidance and any other relevant guidance, AND
    • activities are overseen by an appointed COVID Officer who has completed the free sportscotland elearning (LKRs COVID Officer is Derek Marshall), AND
    • a documented risk assessment is undertaken and mitigating actions put in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of participants, coaches, officials and the wider public.

As a club, we ask all paddlers who are using the LKR boat locker (referred to as “the locker”) to continue to:

  1. sanitise your hands
  2. adhere to max group sizes (detailed above)
  3. stay 2 metres apart from anyone who is not in your own household, when you’re on the land
  4. whoever uses their key to unlock the locker is the ONE PERSON for that visit who is responsible to clean and sanitise everything which that group touches (boats, paddles, locks etc). All members using the locker must first sanitise their hands using the hand sanitiser provided (courtesy of Linlithgow Distillery), then sign in on the sheet hanging in the locker (log your name, date and time of paddling). In the locker you’ll find a supply of anti bacterial spray and a roll of paper towel to wipe down LKR boat decks, cockpits and paddle shafts. These materials are only to be used for club property that is stored in the locker, and should not be used for your own personal boats/equipment. Bin all used paper towels in the green lidded bin outside the locker. User the hand sanitiser hanging inside the locker again at the end of the process. If supplies of hand sanitiser, anti bacterial spray or paper towels run out, please tell a Committee Member so that we can replenish.

Why do we do all this? Because, its not over, and if we get it wrong the consequences could be a lot worse than us needing to close up the club again. Please be responsible and lets trust each other to do it right. Thank you!