Racing Events and Results

The full calendar of racing events for sprint and marathon is listed on the Scottish Canoe Association website.

The table below lists events which are suitable for all ages and abilities and is intended as a guide.  Members should aim to attend those event marked as Priority 1 as a minimum, and are strongly encouraged to attend Priority 2 events where possible.

Month Date Priority Event Location
Apr 23rd April 1 Linlithgow Marathon Linlithgow
May 6th & 7th May 2 Nottingham Regatta** Nottingham
11th May 2 Low Port Summer Series #1 Linlithgow
20th May 1 Linlithgow Regatta Linlithgow
Jun 3rd & 4th Jun 1 Nottingham – Inter Club Competition Nottingham
8th Jun 2 Low Port Summer Series #2 Linlithgow
17th Jun 1 Strathclyde Regatta Strathclyde Country park
25th Jun 1 Kinghorn Regatta #1 Kinghorn
Jul 1st and 2nd Jul 1 Nottingham Regatta** Nottingham
6th Jul 2 Low Port Summer Series #3 Linlithgow
22nd & 23rd Jul 2 British Marathon Championships Pangbourne
Aug 3rd Aug 2 Low Port Summer Series #4 Linlithgow
6th Aug 2 Glasgow Green Marathon – Scottish Racing Week #1 Glasgow
8th Aug 1 Linlithgow Loch 10k – Scottish Racing Week #2 Linlithgow
10th Aug 2 Forth & Clyde 10k – Scottish Racing Week #3 Glasgow
12th Aug 2 Loch Ken Marathon – Scottish Racing Week #4 Loch Ken
13th Aug 2 Loch Ken 10k – Scottish Racing Week #5 Loch Ken
27th Aug 1 Kinghorn Regatta #2 Kinghorn
Sept 2nd and 3rd Sep 1 GB National Regatta** Nottingham
7th Sep 2 Low Port Summer Series #5 Linlithgow
9th Sep 1 Scottish Sprint Champs – Strathclyde Strathclyde Country park
10th Sep 2 Scottish Championships Castle Semple
22nd Sep 2 K2 – 10 / 5km Championships Linlithgow
24th Sep 2 Hasler Finals (GB Club Champs) Richmond
Oct 1st Oct 2 Forth & Clyde Marathon II Underwood lock
8th & 9th Oct 2 Glasgow – Edinburgh Challenge Glasgow, Edinburgh
Nov 5th Nov 1 Prize giving Edinburgh

** Requires achievement of a minimum qualification time in order to be invited to event.

What to bring:

Kayaking events are all-day events.  It is therefore important to come prepared, particularly given the changeability of the weather.  The following items are recommended when attending events:

  • SCA membership card (mandatory)
  • Folding chairs
  • Pop-up tent
  • Picnic blanket
  • Packed lunch
  • Warm clothing
  • Full changes of kit (for kayakers)