Junior Paddlers

Junior paddlers are ages 8 to 16. The youngest are in the Lightning class, using suitably sized boats. From around age 11, junior paddlers move into regular racing boats (5.2m long). Catering for all abilities and aspirations, safety, supervision and fun is at the forefront of all our group sessions, whilst progressively learning the skills of racing.

The goal for some paddlers was to race at the Junior World Championships in September 2021. You’ll see below that Kristina and Alexandra Armstrong, realised their dream and achieved in 8th place in Final A of the K2 500m! Within LKR, there are currently 4 junior paddlers undertaking intensive, daily training, under the supervision of a GB Team Member and Coach. The training and hard work is certainly paying off!

One of our Lightning paddlers was delighted to meet Olympian and fellow Scot, Deborah Kerr whilst paddling in Nottingham in September 2021. What joy to learn from Debs that she “also started her paddling career in a yellow Lightning”!!


From simple fun beginnings to serious dedication, which is both fun and rewarding, the junior paddlers are a real credit to the club.

If your child is interested in learning to paddle with us, do get in touch!

In their own words:

“Being involved in Paddling has been amazing for us. Being outside and on the water all through the year, we have developed all sorts of skills through the training we do which includes on and off the water activities. Through hard work we have competed all over Britain in sprint and marathon races, from sprint racing at the national water sport centre in Nottingham to marathon racing on the Thames at Richmond. It’s a great all round fitness sport.”